Sponsor Licence for Care Providers

Information about sponsor licences for care providers

With staff shortages nationwide, the demand for care workers has dramatically increased within the sector, prompting employers to explore the solution of obtaining their sponsor licence. How can acquiring a sponsor licence transform your business?

Solve Hiring Challenges: Access millions of skilled workers within the UK and abroad.

Reduce Cost: Receive government funding and eliminate reliance on hiring agencies.

Get Your Time Back: We handle all the details for you, so you can reclaim your time and get back to what you do best: providing exceptional care.

Borderless – A Unique Service for Sponsor Licencing

We know the sponsor licence process can feel overwhelming, expensive and time consuming. At Borderless, we're committed to transforming this perception - our platform offers a quick, seamless, and cost-efficient solution. Get your sponsor licence through Borderless and experience the benefits: 

  • Simplified Process: Your sponsor licence approved in just 4 simple steps.
  • Save Money: Don't use an expensive alternative for application assistance.
  • Save Time: Our team will review, enhance and submit your application to the Home Office on your behalf, managing the entire process to ensure it's granted.

Our Offer:

  • Service prices starting below £1000
  • Application review time guaranteed within 1 week
  • A simple service experience
  • Ongoing support through the Borderless Platform

How Do We Compare To Third Party Services?

Many UK employers choose a third party to act as a middleman between the regulatory bodies and the sponsoring of overseas care workers. 

Most third-party companies typically charge fees ranging from £2000 to £5000 for their services. In contrast, Borderless provides the same service starting at £795. Beyond affordability, our company offers a streamlined and secure process for your organisation to efficiently and ethically sponsor care workers.

What sets us apart is our distinctive ongoing support and access to our team of experts through the Borderless platform—a feature unparalleled by any other sponsor licensing organisation.


Sponsor Licence – The Basics

Before any sort of recruitment process begins, the first step is to apply for a sponsor licence. This can feel like a time consuming and difficult process to complete correctly, especially for first-time applicants.

This is where our team of experts at Borderless can help with your sponsor licence application. Once this is granted by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) this licence is valid for 4 years, provided it is not surrendered or revoked. These are the steps that must be completed:

  • A fully completed application form
  • A full set of evidence that meets the requirements of the Home Office
  • A well-written cover letter

The application form must be completed properly prior to submission through GOV.UK. A full set of evidence is required, and The Home Office have strict criteria on what is considered acceptable mandatory evidence.

At this point, it is important to know that The Home Office expects the evidence to be purely related to the application, and as a business within the care sector, the wording must be kept relevant and tailored to the care industry.

Failure to meet the mandatory requirements may result in rejection, which can come from small errors in wording too. 

Once the relevant evidencing documents have been organised, you will then move onto the cover letter. It is of vital importance for the cover letter to be well-written and free of any wording errors.

This letter must contain all of the mandatory information that is required by The Home Office. This mandatory information is available through Appendix A: Supporting Documents and you will find the most relevant information on pages 7 and 8.

There is another step, which is optional:

  • An explanation of how your company will comply with the duties of holding a sponsor licence

This may seem like an unnecessary step, but it increases the likelihood of your application being successfully processed.

You should include a written explanation of how your business will comply with its duties and responsibilities as the holder of the sponsor licence. This is a step that is starting to be requested more frequently by The Home Office, with a significant increase since January 2022.

You should prepare for this request to be made and ensure that you have a well-written statement that adheres to the mandatory requirements of owning a Sponsor Licence.

If you have read up to this point and have noted the complexity of the process, you aren’t alone. The guidelines are exact and meticulous – it needs to be constructed in a certain way and the mandatory requirements of the application must be clearly met within the cover letter and supporting documents.

It is a timely process – and as stated above, many companies will charge excessive fees in aiding you with this, with no follow-up support.

Let Borderless Handle The Details 

Here at Borderless, our platform and team of experts handle the sponsor licence process every step of the way:

  • We will complete the application form on your behalf – once completed, we will allow you to review this and submit to UKVI.
  • We will create an evidence checklist for you in simple English – this will be tailored to your company and the care sector; therefore, you will know exactly what evidence you must procure.
  • We will review your evidence, which will ensure that no mandatory information has been missed.
  • Recommendations will be made about how you can strengthen the evidence you intend to provide.
  • We will write a cover letter on your behalf, which will include all of the mandatory information required by The Home Office and will present your application in the best possible way, thus greatly increasing your chance of approval.
  • We can also draft a pre-licence compliance report. All of the previous questions that The Home Office have sent to our previous clients has been gathered into a report, so we can provide an accurate idea of what The Home Office may ask you to during the application process. 

We understand that starting the sponsor licence process can feel daunting and complex, which is why Borderless is here to help!

By applying technology plus a full team of experts within our company, Borderless has created a novel solution. We take the best aspects of software - efficiency, automation - and deliver an experience which is 90% faster, four times cheaper, and much less risky than either doing it yourself or using an expensive agent.

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